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Dance 4
Our Lives


D4OL is a youth dance program created by Gigi Tonye' arts and fitness and partnered with After School Matters.  


The Program focused on safety, growth, dance training, health and wellness and mental healing in their mind, body and soul of their inner artist. Teens were also able to use their creative voices through dance choreography to address the social and public health issues in our society today!


Our city is impacted by so many things, often what is needed is safety and fun for our inner artist. How can you discover your inner dance artist? This programs heals, inspires, and trains teens to discover their inner dancer through stress relief activities through movement, wellness, and choreography focused on self-expression in today's society.


This program focuses on three elements of dance that provide a well-rounded and holistic approach to the purpose of dance and what its uses are for among youth dancers from beginner to advanced.


Dance 4 Healing (includes the methodology of mindfulness and dance therapy including dance yoga and meditation) 

Dance 4 Wellness (includes nutrition and fitness body conditioning to encourage healthier physical lifestyles for the inner dancer) 

Dance 4 Expression ( includes dance technique and choreography training in hip hop, African dance, and ballet & contemporary dance where students use their final show performance to speak and express themselves on the topic of Vulnerability and Freedom.

D4OL Team
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