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How are we helping you get through COVID-19?

We have created an online platform for 'Live Streaming' classes, video demos and wellness community connections & resources!

Why Virtual?

With the current state of our nation and world as a result of COVID-19, our team wants to provide you with easily accessible & creative ways to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. Our online wellness community platform not only allows you to take online fitness and dance classes, but it also gives each member a way to connect & engage in conversation, discussion, instructor feedback, Q/A and resources!

What We Offer

We offer a variety of online services online! Try a weekly offering of dance and fitness classes. We also offer 1-on-1s for dance and/or fitness sessions. These session are perfect for taking a class 1-on-1 with our instructors at time that works best for you outside of our weekly class schedule. We are excited to also offer Virtual Dance & Fitness Parties! This service includes a DJ+guest dance or fitness instructor+ virtual party platform and access for you and your guests! We want make this time encouraging and fun, despite all that is going on. Let us help you reduce stress during this time!

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to meet each person where they are in our online wellness community. We customize our classes to your needs and ensure that you are having fun, gaining practical wellness knowledge and tips while also having the freedom to modify your session as you choose! Our instructors also provide words of inspiration, encouragement with quotes and instructor remarks in each class as well as in our community network. We believe this builds a supportive community for you as you continue  your wellness journey!  We welcome creative wellness ideas & feedback! And we LOVE to hear from you!!! Feel free to share your testimonials and updates on your wellness goals! We want to support you because you matter!  We believe in you! We are here for you! We are one!

Our Prices
Unlimited Live Classes
per month

30-min session 


1-hr session $45.00

30-minutes class     $7.50/class

45-minute class      $8.75/class

       1-hour class        $10/class

Unlimited Live Class Access Membership Perks:

Get unlimited fitness & dance classes access for adults + access to our wellness community, resources, workshops and MORE!

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